Biological Periodontal Therapy

Our office recently had Dr. Oksana Sawiak in office to help implement our biological periodontal therapy protocols including our phase contrast microscopy skills.

Identification and treatment of pathogenic bacteria, parasites and protozoa is fundamental to the improvement of health of the ‘gums’ or periodontal tissues. Recent tests that examine the nature of the microflora of the mouth seek to identify and provide solutions to eliminate periodontal disease, which is linked to many systemic diseases.

Testing of saliva and scrapings of plaque from areas of the mouth are the basis of two laboratory tests, OralDNA and OraVital. These can confirm the chairside evaluation of plaque using a phase contrast microscope, which is an immediate and visual representation of the patient’s oral microbiology, which can include parasites (amoebae, Trichanomas Tenax), fungi, spirochetes and much more. For an eye opening discussion of Biological Periodontal therapy have a look at the following interview with Dr. Lyons.`

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