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Welcome to Sydenham family dental, a biological dental practice conveniently located near Kingston, Ontario, Canada. We are centrally located between the major Canadian centres of Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa and an easy two hour drive from Syracuse, NY. Our office is located in a renovated, century-old home in the small, rural community of Sydenham. We provide dental therapies that draw on the best practices from the fields of neuromuscular and biological dentistry. In keeping with these principles, we practice ‘safe’ mercury-filling removal according to IAOMT guidelines.


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As a part of our biological approach to dental treatment, we analyze the plaque that forms around teeth using a phase contrast microscope according to the principles …

BREATHING. A fundamental act of life that we all take for granted. However, unless it is performed correctly it can have detrimental health effects …

What does this term mean? There have been many terms used over the years that basically are trying to capture the essence of dysfunction of the jaw joints …

There is no profession that generates more fear that strikes at our core than dentistry. There are good reasons for that. The head, face and in particular, oral structures …

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