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Our Philosophy

Oral Health

The positive impact of good Oral Health spreads much further than a pretty smile or straight, white teeth. While cavities will cause sensitivity and even difficulty eating, they have also been shown to contribute to much more serious conditions, such as respiratory disease and even diabetes. Studies have even linked poor oral health to heart disease!

We work towards increasing awareness of good oral habits to, not only prevent disease and infection but, more importantly, to define the link between oral health and general health and offer a way to improve both. 


Physical Health

Physical Health, just like Oral Health, can have major impact on your way of life, ability to fight disease and, even mental health. Research has proven that physical activity improves the body’s ability to prevent many maladies, such as heart disease and cancer while also reducing your risk of depression and helping you sleep better. Very few lifestyle choices can have an equivalent impact on your health as physical activity!

We have developed an understanding of the body’s incredible systemic connectivity and believe in the substantial positive effects of good physical health. From improved self-confidence to getting out of a funk, and even increasing brain activity, your physical health is one of the cornerstones to living a busy lifestyle.


Healthy Lifestyle

We believe in a more holistic approach to our patients’ overall health, that the body and mouth are not separate and that treatment should recognize and respect these interrelated systems.

Our personalized approach to oral care is designed to assist our patients in improving their overall health. This can include recommendations for other specialists or, sometimes, no treatment at all. In short, we understand and respect that what we do as dentists has major impacts on the health of the human body. We focus on the connections between jaw, teeth, head and neck problems and how they relate to whole body connections.

This philosophy stems from knowing when to treat or refer for auxiliary treatment and in the correct sequence. Knowing when NOT to treat is arguably more important and, we realize that sometimes the best dentistry is no dentistry.