Dental Sleep Appliance Options

Because we have special training in Dental Sleep Medicine we get frequent referrals and inquiries about what specific appliances we use. Generally, we make the decision as to the particular appliance based on the clinical examination and specific requirements based on the PSG performed at a certified sleep lab and prescribed by a sleep physician. One of the most common oral appliances for sleep apnea treatment is the Somnodent. See the attached link.

We use a modified Somnodent called the LVI Lingualess Somnodent which minimizes impingement on the tongue space. A relatively new appliance called the MicroO2 goes a few steps further and is designed to be minimal in size but must be prescribed by a specially trained Neuromuscular dentist. The key is to find a relaxed jaw position that does not strain the jaw and neck muscles which can compromise the airway. See the attached link below:

We have been providing these appliances recently and are having good success. In any event, a sleep appliance provided by a dentist must be prescribed by a sleep physician and ideally be provided by a dentist who is specially training in dental sleep medicine.

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