Exposed Metal on Dental Crown

Recently had a query as to whether the exposed metal on a dental crown constitutes a health risk. The short answer is that probably does not, at least no more so than if it was not exposed.You see a common dental crown has a metal substructure that covers over the remaining tooth. That metal substructure is then covered with porcelain to look like a tooth. However, whether or not the metal is totally covered makes no difference, it is still exposed either from inside or outside of the tooth. Also a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown (PFM for short) can have up to 6 different metals to create an alloy that enables the porcelain to stick to it. The photo attached shows a typical PFM crown (second tooth in from the right – the PFM crown has exposed metal on the inside near the gum area at the top of the photo. The photo also shows badly broken down mercury and plastic fillings on the other teeth).

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