Teledentistry Services

We are a small biologically driven practice that has unique services and skills acquired over thirty years plus. Due to the number of calls and online inquiries we have decided to provide a Teledentistry service. We get a large number of inquiries about our services and requests for second opinions and options about procedures being recommended elsewhere. Many of these inquiries come from patients significant distances from our office and in those cases we will often refer to practitioners, with similar philosophies, closer to them, if there are any. Long distance management can at times be challenging. In order to improve efficiency for those travelling significant distances we offer a Teledentistry consultation service according to the guidelines and recommendations of the RCDSO. This involves the collection of data which includes:

  • completion of the on line patient questionnaire,
  • recent xrays less than 2 years old. That MUST include a good quality panorex like the one below to be able to evaluate the teeth, bones, sinuses areas, jaw joints etc.
  • Blood work that includes vitamin D, hsCRP and LDL levels, within the last three months.
  • Blood work that includes vitamin D, hsCRP and LDL levels, within the last three months.
  • Intraoral and extra oral photographs if possible

Once ALL of this is received Dr. Clinton will review the information and respond with preliminary recommendations by email, zoom or telephone. The fee for this service is $200. If you still wish an in office examination half of this will be credited. The reason we are offering this service is twofold. Firstly our in office new patient intake exam dates are booking three months out and many patients want more timely advice. Secondly we have a great deal of interest in our services from patients that travel significant distances and are often just looking for advice and direction regarding their oral and dental health and how it may relate to overall health. There are some excellent resources on our website and we encourage patients review it to get a sense of our practice philosophy and treatments.

If this approach is of interest or if you still wish an in office examination we would be happy to accommodate either way.

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